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Why Me

I’m a modern wedding photographer who will keep your memories alive in unique storytelling way.

My Clients Are…

In Love. Daring. Strong-Willed. Gentle and Heartful. Ready to break the rules and always go further than ordinary. Couples truly devoted to each other inspire me and make my work trustworthy. Tell me your story and it will be my honor to create your memories.


Clients about me

No filters, honestly, without fake smiles, just a story, our story. That was all it was taken by your amazing shots, beginning and the end, the essence of our emotions was caught and the most important thing in photography for us, was to see our feelings written all over it. Our album turned out great, and the shooting was an unforgettable experience! The most beautiful moment was when you look at your loved one as she’s standing there, doing something that photographer is trying to capture, thinking how much she’s beautiful and truly yours. Those moments are the most important to be captured and saved. V&M

It started as a photographer and his clients, but ended up at beginning of an amazing friendship. After seeing our photos, made by this exceptional, extraordinary photographer, only one word could explain our emotions – outstanding. It feels like our youth, inner beauty and love is captured in timeless span. We are amazed by his creativity, soul, hilarious humor and ability to see and immortalize those precious moments. S&I

Haven’t had much experience with many photographers or that kind of art, but as I had a chance to see his photographs on some social networks, I noticed that Srdjan’s photography is way more different than all I’ve seen before. He has unique style, he can make wonders, even if he is shooting in a garage, he will make an image for the cover of a magazine. Working with him was a quality time well spent, good atmosphere that in the end results with beautiful memories for us. L&D


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