They say you only meet your lifetime friends in childhood years, but these two became our close friends after very short time. Good people, that’ s what they are, and that’s how they stole our hearts. On our first meeting they told us their story and we already knew the wedding will be beautiful and extraordinary. It surely was. We are honored to be wedding photographers especially when we witness a love like this. It is the purest river you have ever seen, and it doesn’t end, it becomes bigger, stronger. His whole being is committed to her and she gives him nothing less than her whole world. Life puts challenges ahead and being in love is the easiest way up, and guess what – they are truly together in everything. The whole wedding day was so charming and happy! As the party tells, they were not shy, energy was bursting all over the place! This was a celebration and no one was holding back. We loved the sound of their laughter and it was such a pleasure to keep track of it and convey it to this story. So cheers to their new life!

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