Petra & Dario

Where do i start?
Well, this winter was too long and this spring i am thinking boho and i am doing boho!
It’s all about the colors and loud laughter!
This story is about love and creative spirits!
I always tend to choose the ambient light and natural colors. Also the ideas for capturing this and that are originating from atmosphere of the scene or the energy that radiates from people’s behavior or attitude.
I am not  the greatest with words, (that’s why i am a photographer, because i like to express what’s on my mind and how i see things through an image that, in my opinion, tells much more than dozen of letters aligned together), but i feel the need to tell you something about making the story.
This spring is kinda weird, because there is so much cold and rain. And that Sunday morning i was up early running to get my phone and message the decorators (girls from Tandrbal) and ask them if it all stands for today.. because cloudy and moody weather was about to splash some rain all over their efforts and setup plans. Ivana i Sanja from Tandrbal were not going to give things up, they already arranged every single flower and detail in their mind and they held one more important detail in their hearts – FAITH that all is going to be well.
As a photographer I even cheered for some moody clouds and winds, because the light and the atmosphere would be on my side! I love doing things naturally. It was perfect. I was lucky enough to work with people who aren’t afraid to get their toes dirty, who value the moments and are ready to make memories.
So much effort has been put into this boho story. Every detail is of importance. It is so elegant and charming yet so relaxing and outgoing.
Tandrbal is a team of two young women who make things possible. If the vision is in your head, and you think that there are sceneries you could only imagine, well you’re wrong because these women can really make it happen! They are brilliant and utterly talented!
So the vision was much like the spring itself – Love is here to bloom as fresh flowers do. Love is here to create tents to keep your hearts safe. Spring evenings call for calm candle lighting, saying vows while being barefoot on orient carpets, wearing white boho lace dress…    Everything was about joy and harmony!
I don’t know if there is anyone who wouldn’t want spending their wedding day (session or renewal of vows) out and about, walking on warm fresh grass, picking up some spring flowers on Sunday. Well, Petra and Dario basically went on a picnic with us! They read their vows and made everything glow. This romance is actually a story of a young love. These two have such an enchanting relationship. They went to same elementary school and years ago they didn’t have a clue they were about to bow their hands in marriage and have a beautiful daughter Kala. They live their life to the fullest.
Enjoy this picturesque story where we followed the idea of beautiful boho setting!
And don’t forget that from little ideas big things grow!

Decoration by Tandrbal – Facebook , Instagram

Dress – Facebook, Instagram

Location – Salas Djordjevic


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