Why Me and Who Am I? Studio LouLou is not a big fancy studio. It is a little corner of our house where I edit your wedding stories and from that little corner all my journeys begin. First of all, I am husband and father. Our kids create the beautiful chaos and we wouldn’t change a thing. We are not an organized family. The only thing we want to keep in line is joy. The thing I love the most are the mornings. It’s that first light that gives me a new beginning, to be a better parent, better person and a better artist. I have always been obsessed with capturing light and moments in time. It’s amazing what a camera can do. What’s the first thing people chose to carry when they had no time to pack? Photographs. (Well nowadays people would maybe choose phones over photographs). Anyway, I love to be behind the lens, quietly to follow up your big day, wrap it all up, and make a story so it can be a heartful memory. Remember, photographs are priceless. They stand against the time. Photographs are pieces of your life that can never be rewritten or done twice – that’s why I am so in love with my job!

It’s all about the adventure and trust Even a life of a photographer means being away from home, I enjoy every second of it because my clients give me the trust to be the one who capture some of the most valuable moments of their lives. It inspires me to be a witness of your vows. I am a wedding photographer, traveler available worldwide, so invite me to be a part of your wedding journey, and it will be my honor to capture your love in most unique way. Let me take some shots and create a story… a good one!

What I like Smell of books, sound of a guitar, Italian language and everything about Italy, the Sun, Jim Jarmusch movies, summer evenings with friends, I absolutely adore being on the beach, I admire horses and I’m crazy about chocolate in any form… 7 little quirks: I have a funny fear of getting on a plane Always choosing healthy food over fast food I feel guilty not spending enough time w my wife and kids Our kids as babies slept outside in winter (if Swedes can do it, so can we, don’t call the social service, we tucked them warm) I drink tons of yogurt I’m obsessed with my photo gear My family and I walk barefoot whenever we can


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